Spitting Fire

Rap Battle

Antigone- Raquel Friedman

Creon- Ally Wait


You law breaking fool

I ain’t got sympathy for you

Created your own doom

slaying women; that’s all I do.


Sympathy, I don’t need! So ooooh child please.

Step back off of me because you’ll see the wrath of me

I’m straight up cool. And you know what? You’re just a fool.

About breaking that law, we all have flaws

I didn’t create a doom, I just blew you up.




You think your idiot brother is worth all the trouble?

I wouldn’t be so sure, he should decay in the rubble!

Trying to defy me, you ain’t being subtle.

I can see you as you’re coming, just a wannabe rebel.


Even Teiresias got my back!

and that’s something you lack.

The Gods don’t even approve so you better move

You think he’s blackmailing you for money.

You must be funny!!


You foul creature, at least I ain’t a woman

Might as well beat ya, don’t consider you a human

To my crop that is Thebes you’re a vermin

Recklessly destroying it and never even learnin


Yo bro at least I ain’t sexist, I will eat you like breakfast.

I might as well move to Texas because they aren’t so reckless.

I love my brother like I love my mother.

Polynices get buried before I get married.

You suck as an uncle so I chuckle, now go ahead and buckle.


Texas, who??! They got nothin’ on me, at least they’re better than you!

Try to sway my boi Haemon, and you know I’ll sue.

Too bad you’re already due, say another word, I’m ready to execute.


Haemon got my back l because I got a nice rack.

Execute me and I’ll turn you into debris.

Texas got nothin on you but I got somethin on you.

Give it all you got son because I already won.


Already won? Tell that to your grave.

You talk about death like its a crazy rave.

Have fun with Hades and Haemon,you got no one to save.

Might as well throw in Ismene, she tried to be brave.

Tried to take the blame, she’ll only join you in the cave.

And soon to regret it, you’ll die from a shock wave.



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