Spitting Fire- Artists Statement

Artist Statement

Raquel Friedman and Ally Wait have created a rap video interpreting the main conflicts between the characters Antigone and Creon in the timeless play “Antigone.” Throughout the play, there was often bickering between rival characters. The insults and comebacks were remarkably hurtful, and could be considered “fire” if the characters were rapping at each other. The Urban Dictionary definition of “fire” in the context of a rap battle is: “something amazing, spiritual, exciting, or just very hot,” often used to describe clever lyrics in a song. However, the modern audiences may not notice the brilliance of these debates, leading to our idea to make a modern version of the arguments, in the form of a playful rap battle.

Our mentor text was a series of humorous rap battle videos on YouTube called “Supa Hot Fire,” which helped us produce more creative and humorous rap verses and sound effects. Another influence is the abundance of two-part poetry pieces, and the communication between two characters or ideas in poetry.

We wanted to express the originality and artfulness of the bickering between Antigone and Creon in a way that is easier to understand for modern audiences. Raquel and Ally wanted people to currently living to appreciate the drama of what was written so many years ago.

The importance of this piece is the witty humour and connectedness to “Antigone,” and the way it will draw attention to the play. It is connected to “Antigone” with the shared themes of feminism and conflict.