Which Character From Things Fall Apart Are You?

Dear Quiz Taker,

In order to further educate ourselves about Nigeria, in historical and cultural context, each group in our English class read different African novels. Our  novel, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, takes place in Nigeria during the turn of the century. It focuses on the effect that Christian missionaries from Europe had on the African Igbo culture.

Our product presents social, economic, political, and especially cultural information about Nigeria, connecting it to the novel through an entertaining quiz. We are using cultural references that are prevalent in the story, and connecting them to history and modern events that have happened in Nigeria. For example, we would include information about the modern culture, like the most recent presidential election, and ancient traditions of the Igbo people.

The product is a buzzfeed quiz, because it is an engaging way to show the information. In the quiz, you will answer questions relevant to the book Things Fall Apart, and at the end your score will determine which character from the book you most resemble. For example, if you pick wrestling as a preferred activity, you would get Okonkwo, because of his interest in the aggressive sport. In each option, there is not a right/wrong answer, but there is information pertaining to each choice. It is full of fun facts.

To make the quiz, we made a buzzfeed account and used the design and structure to create our own. In the making of this quiz, we focused on making fun questions that teach people about the history and culture of Nigeria.

Comment on this post (and/or on the actual quiz on buzzfeed) which character you got. Let us know if this quiz made you want to read the book (Things Fall Apart), or if you learned anything new about Nigeria from the quiz. Have fun!

Take the quiz


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