Collection Piece #1: Art from the Streets, News


On a Saturday my friends and I decided to go to an annual art sale event at the Austin Convention Center. All of my friends love art and free events to go to on a Saturday. This was not just ANY art sale, though. It was a part of Austin’s deep artistic culture, and our tradition as a city to help people using their talents and our own. This was an organization that provided art supplies to homeless people to allow them to make art and then sell it to the people of Austin. Its not a pity show, either: it is genuinely amazing art. One of my best friends who also happens to be my Newspaper buddy was also there with me. We weren’t assigned the story in class, but we thought it was something important happening in Austin (our school’s community), so we pulled out our phones and wrote down some observations, took some pictures, interviewed a few artists with the “Voice Recording” app, and interviewed one of the founders of the project. I am proud of this piece because story it tells is amazing and I am proud of the initiative we took to tell it.

There is a mini photo gallery on the Polaris Press where it was originally published, therefore it won’t look as good on here, so I’ll just link you straight there.


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