Show Off Piece #2: Photo gallery, Dress for Success


I am particularly proud of this piece because photography is one of my weakness, so my ability to take these amazing photos makes me feel especially accomplished. When I chose this story it was not because I wanted to take photos, it was because I thought the story would bring a lot of views to the site. People like to see themselves, especially in “professional” photographs where they look even more glamorous than usual. Not to mention, this was an important story; Internships are a huge milestone in the ARS experience and many students look forward to them from the time they see Juniors all dressed up in their first year here. Juniors see the “Dress for Success” as the beginning of this journey, and as the beginning to their journey into the real world/college. So, because I thought this story was so important for everyone to see on the site and to be able to go back and look at later, I took the challenge of dreaded photography. Turns out, it improved my photography skills a lot- and get this- I enjoyed it! I improved my photo taking, editing, and uploading skills. Plus, I worked with the technology of the Polaris Press website to be able to upload these photos in an appealing manner. These are some of the best photos I have ever taken and one of the best pieces of coverage I’ve ever produced.


Click here to view photo gallery on the Polaris Press.


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