Visual Piece #1: Sports, Track Info graphic

Reflection: I am proud of this visual because I transformed data that was not particularly fun or appealing to read into something that makes people want to look at. There were AMAZING accomplishments made by our track team this year and I thought that was something people deserve to get recognized for, not just in a Monday morning assembly, but on the website dedicated to our school news. The track team should be able to tell their parents or guardians to go to our school news site and find their name on a beautiful commemoration of their work. It also went in the school newspaper which was distributed to all of our students, teachers, and staff, along with stores/eateries around the school, so I needed it to be something that caught the reader’s eye and said, “hey, this is an important thing we did that you should be proud of and celebrate.” I accomplished that goal. I worked on, a website I often use to create visuals for the Polaris Press. It took a lot of tweaking, coloring, adding shapes and images, and adding information, but it was worth it. People can now view the accomplishments of the track team in an appealing way.

It is particularly pleasing on the newspaper surrounded by other sports pictures and beautiful design, but I can’t post that here (yet). It is also much more appealing on our website than it will be here, so I am just linking it here so you can see it on our website.


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