I am the meme queen. I hold an extensive and frequently updated meme database in my brain. I enjoy singing in uncomfortable situations. I have played soccer since I was five years old and it is my favorite form of exercise, yet I am still terrible at it. I have played the guitar for a few years and my skill level is mediocre. My dream career is to be a writer/ journalist, however have given into capitalism and I am now studying to be in the medical field. I own two dogs, Huxley and Darwin, named after two famous scientists because my dad is a nerd. I love cats and I have owned three in the past, each making its own immortal impression on my soul. I found my love for reading through “The Underneath,” an impacting book my mother read aloud to me when I could barely write my own name, “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,” which was the first book I read completely on my own, and the “Harry Potter” series that I read throughout elementary school. I am the most paranoid person you will ever meet, but that does not stop my love for horror movies, a love discovered at the age of four.


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