Sardonically Sweating

I walk to my bus stop everyday. Still, most days sweat drips down my back by the time I get to the bus stop, because it’s hot. Not because I’m out of shape. At least that’s what I tell myself. When I’m switching to my mom’s house (as I do every other week), I haul way too many bags on the bus with me; And in turn, making my seat partner hate me. Hey, at least we have something in common. Because the AC was broken on the bus this morning, I was continuously becoming more sweaty on the ride to school. Who would’ve known: The universe hates me too! I try to relax and think about my beautiful nature filled walk to the bus stop, but all I can think about is the sweat slowly trickling down my back. I have a theory that sweat drips because it really, really wants to annoy everyone. It’s just trying to tell us to stop moving, forever. But hey, at least I’m at school now. Which also hates me.