Polaris Press Portfolio

Newspaper is about reporting the truth, stepping out of my comfort zone, constantly improving my writing, and learning how to work on deadlines with a staff to create something bigger than us. In this portfolio you will find my best pieces from the 2016-2017 school year in newspaper class. It was my first year as an editor for the Polaris Press newspaper and my second year as a writer. In the past two years I have written a story in every genre, mostly favoring features and ARS news. When I am meant to be writing a traditional news piece I tend to dive deeper and expand the story, making it into a feature. Hence, I am the Features Editor. I am also extremely funny, hence my other editing role as Satires Editor. This portfolio will show my dedication to the press, in my constant search for the most interesting, important story to the students and teachers of Ann Richards and their surrounding community. I have never been a fantastic photographer, so this portfolio will also show my very best photography as it has improved drastically throughout this year. In this portfolio, you will also see my best pieces in numerous genres, my improvement in one specific category (Beyond Our Walls, which is coverage on the political occurrences in the U.S. and around the world), and how I hope to expand my writing in the future.


  1. What toMauro holds for Hillary, Beyond Our Walls
  2. Dress for Success, Photo gallery
  3. Fantastic Beasts Review, Entertainment


  1. Breaking Brexit, Beyond Our Walls
  2. Fidel Fell, Beyond Our Walls

Both found here.


  1. Track Info graphic, Sports
  2. Dress for Success featured image, ARS news


  1. Art from the streets, News